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Fighting for Animals in Utah

Utah Animal Rights Coalition

Utah Animal Rights Coalition (UARC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting veganism and ending cruelty to animals. UARC is primarily an education and advocacy organization with an emphasis on issues facing communities in Utah. UARC’s primary source of support is from its members and donations from the public. UARC is an all-volunteer organization.

Latest Posts

UARC Opposes Utah Senate Bill 130

Utah Animal Rights Coalition (UARC) is opposed to Senate Bill 130 (SB 130), titled “Regulation of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations,” and urges members of the Utah legislature to vote against this bill. SB 130 would require counties in Utah to designate an area...

A timeline of UARC & COVID-19 on Utah Mink Farms

Since the first reports of COVID-19 outbreaks on Utah fur farms, UARC has recognized the grave public health threat posed by the operation of these fur farms, which will act as an enduring reservoir for the virus that causes COVID-19 and also a source of mutations for...

UARC to Governor Herbert: Shut Down Mink Farms Now!

According to national and local news reports, mink on at least two Utah farms have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Employees on both of these facilities have also tested positive for COVID-19, suggesting that bidirectional zoonotic...

VICTORY! Salt Lake County Bans Cruel Circus Acts!

Following years of protest, pressure, and campaigning by UARC and other animal advocacy organizations, we are excited to announce that in June 2020 Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson issued an Executive Order prohibiting any County-owned facility from being used for...