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YUMZ, a new and exciting all-vegan bakery and cafe located at 3490 S. State Street in South Salt Lake City, is the latest restaurant to now offer discounts to all card-carrying UARC members as part of our member benefit program! Starting today, any UARC member displaying a valid member card at YUMZ will receive a 10% discount off their food order!

YUMZ Owner and Head Chef Cecilia ‘CC’ Armenta

YUMZ opened in October 2021 and is headed up by owner and head chef Cecilia ‘CC’ Armenta. YUMZ is unique in Utah for its remarkably wide range of vegan offerings, including a huge display case of delicious sweet baked goods as well as a kitchen preparing fresh Latin and Caribbean cuisine.

Grilled street tacos are one of the specialties on the menu at YUMZ. Pictured here are the vegan carne asada tacos.
Chef CC preparing vegan street tacos in the kitchen at YUMZ.

The menu at YUMZ is constantly innovating and being updated, but no matter what’s being served up, you can count on it being vegan and delicious. Staples found on the food menu include street tacos using a seasoned soy protein, enchiladas, empanadas, loaded quesadillas, chimichangas, “lobzter” tacos, horchata, and faijitas.

Delicious vegan horchata offered at YUMZ.

In the dessert case, you’ll often find chocolate candies, chocolate chip cookies, flan, custard, YUMZ signature vegan tres leches cake, and more. YUMZ also offers vegan soft serve, and they are able to do beautifully designed custom cakes for birthdays or other special occasions.

The dessert case at YUMZ, featuring candy and a signature vegan tres leches cake.

“The reason I started a vegan business was for my family and my health,” says Chef CC. “I’m a cancer survivor of two cancers, and I was able to get off medication after becoming plant-based.” CC’s mother was also diagnosed with diabetes, but this health condition was reversed after switching to a vegan diet. And Sofia, CC’s daughter, is autistic with a dairy intolerance. This made it incredibly difficult to find a restaurant that was suitable for her with her sensory difficulties and dairy-free needs. Today, YUMZ is a great restaurant for families, with a few arcade games, a staff that will help cater to any sort of dietary restrictions, and a large kid’s menu with quesadillas, fries, nuggets, and corn dogs.

At the time her family transitioned to veganism, CC found it was difficult for her family because of the lack of vegan Latin food options in Utah. “When it was time to go out and find places to eat, it was really hard for us to find places with food we were used to eating.” Wanting to recreate her family’s favorite foods but without animal products, CC began experimenting with making vegan empanadas. Then, her friends asked her to make vegan tres leches cakes for birthdays. “I’m probably most known for making the first vegan tres leches.” CC first obtained a food cottage license allowing her to sell food of our her home kitchen via social media. The food was so delicious and the demand was so great, she soon upgraded to a commercial kitchen and widened her available options of food. “Wanting to serve up Latin food but veganized was the initial interest for me,” says CC. This was how YUMZ got started.

Vegan empanadas at YUMZ.

YUMZ offers vegan versions of food items that can’t be found anywhere else in the state of Utah. “We are the first and only restaurant in Utah to offer a vegan birria,” says Chef CC, who reports that vegan “foodies” from out of state are learning about her restaurant and making it a point to visit when traveling through to try these unique offerings. “It’s been such an honor to have people travel all the way from out of state to try our food.”

Vegan birria tacos are one of the many unique offerings available at YUMZ.

CC has also made sure that YUMZ shows a genuine concern towards her customers. “I actually care about the people who come in to support my business. If they have dietary needs, I make sure we do everything possible. For people who are gluten-free, we put extra barriers on top of our grill so there’s no cross-contamination.” CC also is proud that YUMZ has provided representation for vegans in the Latin community. “I have had several customers who have actually burst into tears and will give me a hug and say ‘thank you for giving me something that I thought I would have to give up being vegan, this is like my abuela’s cooking or my mother’s cooking.’ So seeing that impact, it really means a lot to me.”

Chef CC puts the finishing touches on a delicious pate of grilled vegan street tacos offered at YUMZ.

CC is a deeply passionate person, and her passion shows both in the care given to her customers and in the quality of food. UARC members now receive a 10% discount to YUMZ, and they would be treating themselves to check out this wonderful addition to the vegan business community here in Utah. YUMZ is located at 3490 S. State Street and is open Tuesday-Sunday from Noon-8 pm. Be sure to check out and follow the Facebook page for YUMZ to stay up-to-date on their latest hours and menu offerings.