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Vegan Food for Good

UARC’s Vegan Food for Good project, launched in 2016, organizes monthly volunteer groups to prepare a healthy vegan dinner for youth in our community experiencing homelessness. UARC partners with the Youth Resource Center (YRC), who serves about 50 youth at any given mealtime and relies on volunteers to cook the meals. Young adults at the YRC come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, but they all have a common need – a safe place with food and shelter, where they can establish the stability they need for independence.

UARC supplies fresh, healthy ingredients and coordinate volunteers monthly to cook healthy meals. We believe that by partnering with other local nonprofits and inspiring our members to volunteer, we can achieve our common goals and build a stronger community for all.

Interested in volunteering with us? Click the button below to see more details and sign up for a spot!

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UARC’s Vegan Food for Good project is funded in part by A Well-Fed World and our generous donors. Please consider donating to help us afford quality, fresh ingredients for youth experiencing homelessness.

Interested in donating food directly? We love working with companies who support our mission! In the past, we have received generous food donations from Tofurky and local bakeries. Please contact us at info@utahanimalrights.com.