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UARC members enjoy discounts and perks at more than a dozen local vegan and vegan-friendly businesses. We are excited to announce that this program continues to grow as we welcome a new business as a member benefit partner: Vegan Daddy Meats! UARC members can now receive a 5% discount on all orders from Vegan Daddy Meats.

Some of the delicious hand-crafted seitan available from Vegan Daddy Meats

Vegan Daddy Meats is a Salt Lake City-based businesses that specializes in gourmet, handcrafted plant-based “meats” made from seitan, a high-protein meat alternative made from vital wheat gluten. Vegan Daddy Meats was established in 2020 by Adam Diener, long-time local vegan & UARC supporter who is passionate about making plant-based foods more accessible to everyone.

Adam Diener, kneading seitan at the Vegan Daddy meats kitchen in downtown SLC.

All of Vegan Daddy Meats products are handmade, small-batch, high-quality seitan. Some of their offerings include their “classic” seitain, battered & fried seitan “nuggets,” Thai sweet chili seitan, and their popular “smoky slices.”

Vegan Daddy Meats’ “Smoky Slices”

Vegan Daddy Meats seitan is perfect for a wide range of uses – including deli sandwiches, fajitas, stir-fries, or even just to snack on right out of the bag. Vegan Daddy Meats was also generous enough to donate more than 30 pounds of their seitan for UARC’s Vegan Food for Good program, which will be cooked and served up to youth experiencing homelessness over the coming months.

Delicious battered and fried vegan buffalo nuggets, available at VeganDaddyMeats.com. UARC members receive a 5% discount.

There’s a few ways to find and try Vegan Daddy Meats’ delicious seitan:

  • Visit & order off their website, VeganDaddyMeats.com, and also be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Vegan Daddy Meats offers delivery for orders greater than $20 to locations in or near Salt Lake City (check website for specific delivery availability).
  • Arrange pickup at the Vegan Daddy Meats kitchen, located at Good Grammar (right next door to our other vegan friends in Gallivan Center, MONKEYWRENCH and Boltcutter).
  • Vegan Daddy Meats are also available for sale at Sweet Hazel in Murray or at Passion Flour in Salt Lake City.
UARC members can receive the discount promo code for online ordering at Vegan Daddy Meats by emailing us at info@uarc.io.