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Utah Farm Exposure

Putting Utah’s Industrial Farms on the Map

In Spring 2018, UARC teamed up with Sage Mountain for a “Farm Exposure Tour.” On this tour, which took place over four days, we armed ourselves with cameras and drove by more than 100 farms, including the major industrial factory farms throughout Utah. What we saw shocked us: dumpsters full of dead turkeys, thousands of small hutches with confined calves, animals living in their own waste, and enormous farms obscured from the public behind vast private property lots and warning signs. We took hundreds of photos which are now available to see on this interactive map that plots exactly where Utah’s factory farms are, a resource that should already be public but to our knowledge is the first of its kind in the U.S.

We welcome you to navigate around the map, and click on the icons to view some of the photos we took on the tour. Check back often, as more information will be added to the map. In the future, we hope to integrate data on how many animals are suffering inside Utah’s factory farms, the amount of public money farms are receiving through subsides, and continue to add more farm pins and photos. This is by no means all of the farms in Utah, but all appeared to be in operation as of March 2018. All photos are free to use with photo credit to UARC.

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