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Lagoon’s “Wild Animal Kingdom” Ride

Many visitors to Lagoon Amusement Park don’t even know they have a wild animal exhibit, which is a testament to how unpopular and unnecessary this cruel and depressing exhibit really is. Even the editorial staff of the Standard-Examiner, the largest media outlet in this region of Utah, has called for the closure of this antiquated animal prison.

Lagoon’s “Zoo,” which is only publicly viewable on a slow and boring train ride, is a squalid and archaic exhibit where a menagerie of animals including  caribou, camels, zebras, wildebeest, yak, tigers, lions, and kangaroo, are confined to tiny concrete enclosures or in barren dirt pits that do not even remotely mimic these animals’ natural habitats.

UARC condemns unequivocally the conditions for the animals imprisoned at Lagoon, which are so poor, they do not even meet the bare minimum standards of accreditation by the industry’s Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The conditions are so poor for the animals at Lagoon, that federal inspectors have documented more than 70 violations of the Animal Welfare Act at Lagoon

While virtually no one visits Lagoon to see the animals, there are many families and individuals who would purchase admission to Lagoon were they not imprisoning animals. UARC is hopeful that one day Lagoon will recognize that it is in their best business interests to send these animals to a reputable sanctuary and focus on its core business: providing roller coasters and other amusement park rides to Utah residents. Until that happens, however, UARC urges its members and supporters to boycott Lagoon entirely.

Please sign the petition to close down Lagoon’s “zoo” and stay tuned to UARC’s social media and events page to get updates on upcoming opportunities to attend protests against Lagoon’s zoo. 

Recent News

INFURIATING! This disturbing video of a caged lion at Lagoon Amusement Park was recently provided to UARC. He is obviously in extreme distress. It’s long past time for Lagoon to retire their animals to reputable sanctuaries, close their unpopular & depressing “zoo,” and replace it with a fun new ride that park attendees will actually enjoy.

If you agree, take action on our online petition at LagoonCruelty.com.

The animals need all the voices they can get.


Posted by Utah Animal Rights Coalition (UARC) on Wednesday, September 11, 2019