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Following years of protest, pressure, and campaigning by UARC and other animal advocacy organizations, we are excited to announce that in June 2020 Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson issued an Executive Order prohibiting any County-owned facility from being used for “traveling circuses, wild or exotic animal shows or exhibits, or similar events.” This will have the immediate impact of precluding Jordan World Circus from using the Equestrian Park in South Jordan for its elephant and tiger acts, as they have done for many years. Mayor Wilson’s decision follows pressure from UARC urging her to take precisely this action, and we thank her and the County staff for making the compassionate decision!

Our work is far from over though, as Jordan World Circus still has other venues along the Wasatch Front that allow their cruel circus act. Take action now to ask that Utah Valley University follow in the footsteps of Salt Lake County and disallow the use of its UCCU Event Center for cruel acts that use wild animals.