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Contact: Jeremy Beckham, jeremy@uarc.io

This Saturday, July 20, 2019, members and supporters of Utah Animal Rights Coalition (UARC) will congregate outside the Utah State Fairpark to protest the abuse of animals taking place at the “Days of ‘47 Rodeo & Games.”

“Governor Herbert called this ‘one of the funnest weeks in Utah,’ but for the cows and horses abused in the Days of 47 rodeo, it’s one of the most terrifying & painful weeks,” said Jeremy Beckham, executive director of Utah Animal Rights Coalition (UARC). “What cowardly cowboys do to defenseless animals would be criminal if perpetrated on a dog or cat, but Utah’s cruelty-to-animals law provides rodeos with exemptions from prosecution. This ‘cowboy immunity’ provision allows the cruel rodeo spectacle to proceed.”

Animals used in the rodeo are domesticated animals who must be frightened and tormented to get them to “perform.” Baby cows often have their tails pulled and raked over metal bars to get them to flee from their chute to get away from the pain. Cowboys then throw a rope around their neck, violently jerking them back, and slamming them to the ground. Unsurprisingly, broken necks and bones are common and the rodeos. Bulls and broncos have painful flanking straps tied around their mid-section to get them to buck. Torture devices like painful stun guns are also a common sight at the rodeo.

What: Protest Against Days of ’47 Rodeo
Where: Utah State Fair Park, 1000 West & North Temple
When: Saturday, July 20, 2019, 7 pm

Photographs of abuse at rodeos are available upon request.