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If you haven’t had the chance yet to check out Mark of the Beastro, located at 666 S. State Street in Salt Lake City, then consider this your sign from below!

Mark of the Beastro, one of Salt Lake City’s newest all-vegan restaurants.
Located at 666 S. State Street in Salt lake City.

Effective immediately, Mark of the Beastro offers all active UARC members a 10% discount on their ticket! Just show your membership card when you ask for your check and a discount should be applied to your order! If you’re not already a member, sign up here.

Mark of the Beastro, one of Salt Lake City’s newest all-vegan restaurants, is owned and operated by Andrew Early, who has long had a passion for animal rights, radical equality, social justice, and deep-fried seitan. If you share any or all of these passions, you will feel right at home at this restaurant with a distinctive punk vibe.

Andrew Early, owner, operator, and head hellion at Mark of the Beastro.

Mark of the Beastro, which was recently profiled by The Salt Lake Tribune, doesn’t have any pretense that the food they offer is of the healthy variety. But it is undeniably delicious and satisfying (and affordable). Options include french toast, garbage hash, burritos, cobb salad, grilled cheese, and grilled peanut butter and pepperocini sandwich (try it!).

Mark of the Beastro is also known for their legendary seitan, which is so demonically delicious, that one can only assume that the dough was formulated using water from the River Styx itself. Seitan options include a spicy ‘chikn’ wrap and vegan “chicken” and waffles.

Andrew Early presents an unholy bounty of sinfully delicious country-fried seitan.

Let’s face it. Americans aren’t the healthiest bunch. If we’re gonna bring about a vegan future, we gotta offer people the comfort food they want and know, not just the quinoa casseroles, flaxseed smoothies, and kombucha concoctions that seem to always grace the covers of the ‘plant-based’ magazines you see at the Whole Foods checkout. The animals don’t care if you’re kind of person who is working to compete in an Iron Man competition, or if you’re the kinda person who likes to indulge and devour a whole pound of seitan in one sitting. As long as you keep it vegan, it ain’t no sin!

Even the most selective of satyrs would be sated by Mark of the Beastro’s vegan “chicken” & waffles.